TC75 "Popmusesick"

A1/01. In The Long Run We Are All Dead 1:59
A2/02. Desire 2:58
A3/03. What You Don't Know 3:46
A4/04. Swear To God 3:40
A5/05. Heart Thief 3:08
B1/06. Back In The Place 2:48
B2/07. Then Came The Rain 3:02
B3/08. Save Face 3:09
B4/09. Rooms 3:25
B5/10. Pressure 3:21
CD/11. Obituary 40:45
Digital/11. Obituary (Edit) 21:04




9XO Media / Razgrom Music
9XO-VINYL-18 / RAZ 052
Jewelcase, Vinyl Sleeve, Paperboard

CDr, Listening Copy [ 7 copies ]
CD [ 300 copies ]
Lp, Black Vinyl [ 1 copy |]
Lp, Red Vinyl [ 9 copies ]
Lp, Clear Vinyl [ 15 copies ]

I made an edit of "Obituary" for the streaming plattforms. It contains only the vocal parts and the basic melodies. I removed the samples from the TV news for this version and shortened it to about 21 minutes.

Some friends asked me for a lathe cut of a TC75 release because they found the Amnistia lathe cuts on instagram or discogs... so I have ordered 9 red and 1 black copy... For some reason it seems people like to spend a lot of money for unique releases so I had to order more lathe cuts... because I am a freak and yes... a bit nasty... the second edition was made on clear vinyl and got a totally different artwork. I want to point out, that I didn't earn any money with this records... all copies were sold for the production costs... I support my freaky collectors and do not rip them!

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Front (Listening Copy)
Back (Listening Copy)
CDr (Listening Copy)
Front (CD)
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Page 3 (CD)
Page 4 (CD)
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Page 7 (CD)
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Back (CD)
Tray (CD)
Front (LP, Black Vinyl)
Back (LP, Black Vinyl)
Side A (LP, Black Vinyl)
Label A (LP, Black Vinyl)
Side B (LP, Black Vinyl)
Label B (LP, Black Vinyl)
Sheet (LP, Black Vinyl)
Front (LP, Red Vinyl)
Back (LP, Red Vinyl)
Side A (LP, Red Vinyl)
Label A (LP, Red Vinyl)
Side B (LP, Red Vinyl)
Label B (LP, Red Vinyl)
Sheet (LP. Red Vinyl)
Front (LP, Clear Vinyl)
Back (LP, Clear Vinyl)
Side A (LP, Clear Vinyl)
Label A (LP, Clear Vinyl)
Side B (LP, Clear Vinyl)
Label B (LP, Clear Vinyl)
Sheet (LP, Clear Vinyl)
Artwork (Digital)

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